Team building is created to encourage team spirit among workers or members. The exercises in team work are aims to develop skill and knowledge toward members. Beside that, the exercises also experiences skills within the corporate sector.

To what degree does the team building exercise live up to the management’s expectations?

There are several objectives in conducting team building exercise:

  1.                   Team building definitions
  2.                   Outline management objectives for team building
  3.                   Highlight the importance of team building
  4.                   Identify the management objectives of team building events
  5.                   Identify the level of satisfaction sustained from team building in terms of fulfilling objectives
  6.                   Identify who the team building event was focused on
  7.                   Identify why it was focused on that group
  8.                   Identify the lasting effects it is hoped to have
  9.                   Where possible, identify if the desired lasting effects were achieved
  10.                   Identify if management were satisfied with the team building event
  11.                   Establish whether management would repeat a similar event again



 Choosing the right Team Building Exercises

 For the most effective team building exercises therefore need to have an integrated programme that combines outdoor events with ongoing activities in the workplace, such as:

•           Work-oriented discussion of the group’s objectives, roles, processes, resources

•           Looking at personality styles and/or team roles

•           Social events

•           Joint coffee/break times

•           Learning lunches on topics relevant to everyone

•           Meetings, not only to discuss day-to-day work, but also to acknowledge past successes and make future plans

•           Communication sessions (structured or unstructured) to increase overall team knowledge, by sharing expertise, experience, and individual knowledge etc

Team building is not a single event that takes place offsite, but an ongoing process that takes place within the team over a long period of time. It is therefore important to choose activities that have aims or objectives that match the issues in team, and make a long-term contribution to better team working.



            Employee motivation commonly benefits from suitable and well run team building games, exercises, and activities, including puzzles and quizzes. Though, there are 5 Team-Building Exercises for the workplace that can be practice by the organization in team building.

•           Create your very own ‘the great race’ and break staff into teams

This is really a great idea and involves lots of team interaction and cooperation. You don’t have to spend the earth to set this up either. The basic idea is to have a list of clues that each team has to collect by navigating their way around a city or a large park area. The team that is able to collect all the clues and reach the finishing line first wins. In order to complete each task set out by each clue, different team members will have to contribute.

•           Get your staff involved in a team sport in a corporate games event

If you do have an active team of staff, competing in a corporate games event against other business’s is a great way to get everyone working together and supporting each other. This can also mean too that staff will have to take the initiative to organise training sessions and other get-togethers outside of work. This is great to help assist staff in getting to know one another and boosting staff comradely and morale.

•           Get everyone involved in a charity event- walk, run or cheer on the team!

Charity events are a great way to unite your staff for a good cause. Not only will they be working together, but they will be working together to achieve a goal to assist those in need. Not everyone has to participate in the event too. People may want to cheer their team members on, or help with preparing food and water prior to and after the event.

•           Classic tug of war

Some classic games never get old and for a quick re-fresher after lunch or to get the blood pumping in the morning there’s nothing like a good tug of war. It gets people active, laughing and working together to achieve a goal.

•           Mine Field

Like tug of war, Mine Field is a classic game perfect for team building. How it works is you break into pairs and guide your blind folded partner through an obstacle course-which could even be the office space! This requires lots of patients, trust and accurate instructions. It’s a good idea too if you have the time for people to try the exercise with a few different staff members.